Rebecca and her parents, Jim and Terri

(Menomonee Falls H.S., Class of 2016)

Accepted at University of Denver, University of Miami, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Rochester, University of San Diego, Santa Clara University, University of Southern California, Trinity University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matriculating at the University Of Miami

Jim and Terri: Rebecca is our second child to utilize Tom’s services, and once again we were incredibly happy with the results. Rebecca was a bit apprehensive with the college selection process as she is an undeclared major and the choices seemed endless. Tom was invaluable in helping her narrow the field based upon her specific desires (merit scholarship availability and warm weather, to name a few!). His guidance through the process from the Common Application, to the multiple essays and assorted college visits, was spot-on. Not only is Tom very knowledgeable about the application process, but he is also incredibly passionate and conscientious about his clients. Throughout, he made us feel that he genuinely cared about Rebecca and her decision. We are thrilled to report that, with Tom’s guidance, Rebecca received a full-ride, Stamps Scholarship at the University of Miami. Tom’s services have delivered an outstanding return-on-investment!

Rebecca: When I started my college search, I was hopelessly lost. Sure, there were numerous websites to help “match” me to the perfect school, but without knowing my major, or even what I was looking for, I did not make much progress. Enter Tom: I was immediately impressed by the breadth of his knowledge about schools all over the country. After selecting those where I would apply, we began tackling the essays. Between college and scholarship applications, I ended up writing more than 30 essays, but Tom’s patience in editing never wavered. With Tom’s help, I was awarded the very competitive Stamps Scholarship at the University of Miami. Needless to say, I am very grateful!

Alexander and his parents, Liz and John

(Grafton H.S., Class of 2016)

Accepted at St. Cloud State, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Stevens Point, and Winona State.

Matriculating at St. Cloud State

Liz and John: Having moved to the U.S. from England, we had no experience with the American college system. Tom provided a step-by-step guide to the application process, and exhibited a wealth of knowledge which we feel could not have been obtained elsewhere. His work with our son on improving his ACT score and college essays resulted in acceptance offers from all the colleges to which he applied.

Alexander: I really enjoyed working with Tom. His teaching methods and exam strategies helped me improve my ACT score by four points. His honest opinions and in-depth understanding of the college application process helped me to focus on what I wanted from my college education. With Tom’s assistance, I was accepted into my top-choice college.

William and his parents, Rich and Liz

(Lake Geneva Badger H.S., Class of 2016)

Accepted at Columbia College Chicago, Hofstra University, Loyola University Chicago, Loyola Marymount University, New York University, Pace University, Sarah Lawrence College, and UW- Madison

Matriculating at New York University (NYU)

Rich and Liz: We highly recommend Tom for any family that is going through the college search and application process. Starting with ACT preparation, Tom provided numerous tips, strategies, and suggestions. Tom's approach is very engaging and he was able to keep test preparation interesting! Despite the limited time that William and Tom were able to work on ACT prep, William was able to raise his composite score two full points. William had an extensive list of schools in which he was interested. Tom provided valuable input on how to research these schools and narrow the choices. In addition, Tom was extremely helpful in the essay writing process. Tom's editing skills are outstanding and his response time was very rapid. In addition to Tom's knowledge and skills, we felt that Tom was very personally invested in the process with us. He was always available to answer questions or provide input on any number of subjects. William ultimately had several quality schools from which to choose—thanks in large part to Tom's efforts!

William: I began working with Tom for ACT prep. His strategies and insights helped increase my score by two points, something I would have certainly been unable to do had it not been for him. During the college selection process, Tom was equally helpful. His seeming unending knowledge of colleges and universities across the country continues to baffle me. Once I selected the colleges to which I would apply, Tom assisted me in the most tedious and difficult part of the application process—the essays. His punctual edits and teaks heavily affected the overall quality of my many essays, and I know that without him I would have been a less desirable applicant. Tom made it easier for me to pursue my dreams, and I am forever grateful for his assistance.

Ella, Nick, and their parents, Amy and Gregg

(Wauwatosa West H.S., Class of 2016)

Ella: Accepted at Carleton College, Case Western University, Grinnell College, Lawrence University, Macalester College, St. Olaf College, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and UW-Madison

Matriculating at St. Olaf College

Nick: Accepted at Case Western University, Florida Institute of Technology, Purdue University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and UW-Madison

Matriculating at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, College of Science and Engineering

Amy and Gregg: When our family first started the college search, we had no idea what we were doing—times two! Our son and daughter (twins) have very different ideas on what makes the perfect college experience. Tom made an overwhelming process seem quite manageable.

When deciding where to apply, Tom was able to point us to many wonderful schools that we may never have heard of otherwise. He also offered perspective on those that we already knew something about. He gave us the tools to help us narrow down our search and talked us through the wide array of financial aid policies at private schools.

During the application process, Tom worked with our children to make sure they understood the value of personal contact with admissions offices, such as interviews, phone inquiries, e-mails, etc. He also spent extensive time with them going through the multitude of applications and essays, helping fine tune in order to maximize acceptance chances. Our children were accepted at the majority of schools where they applied, which afforded them a wide range of superb choices. We would most definitely recommend Tom and CAPs as an excellent resource in the college search process.

Ella: When it came time to decide on where to apply, I initially had no idea what I wanted. The only schools that I really knew were those in the University of Wisconsin System. Thankfully, Tom introduced me to liberal arts colleges and I was then able to explore an entirely different side of the college spectrum. I ended up applying to a good many schools, and Tom's help with the seemingly endless lines of essays was instrumental to the many acceptances I later received. Thanks to him, I had a plethora of options to choose from as I made my final decision. The entire college admission process was made so much easier because of his assistance.

Nick: Initially, I thought applying to college would be easy. Thankfully, with the aid of Tom, it was. He was incredibly helpful with the application essays, but more than anything, he explained to us all the steps of the college admissions process from A to Z. He walked my family and me through the many things we needed to do, and made sure nothing came to us as a surprise.

Josh and his parents, Neil and Dana

(Homestead H.S., Class of 2016)

Accepted at Ohio State University, Penn State University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matriculating at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Neil and Dana: Our son knew his desired field of study and already had decided on a handful of schools. We only used Tom's services with respect to ACT preparation and were thrilled with the results. Josh's score improved significantly to a top score and we believe these results were a factor in his receiving several scholarship offers from both his preferred schools and the military. Tom was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with!

Josh: I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Tonnesen! His expertise and guidance were instrumental in my preparation for the ACT. With his assistance, I was able to achieve an even higher score. Thank you for all of your help, Tom!

Jake and his parents, Judy and David

(University School of Milwaukee, Class of 2016)

Accepted at Emory University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, University of Michigan, Washington University in St. Louis, and UW-Madison

Matriculating at Harvard University

When we initially met Tom Tonnesen, we knew we had the right guy. We were given his name by some friends, and had our first introductory meeting. Tom related to our son, Jake, immediately. He knows kids, and he and Jake connected. He was organized, and had a plan for Jake right from the beginning of his sophomore year. Once we started, we never looked back. Tom guided us through the entire process from PSAT prep to SAT prep to ACT prep, as well as discussing appropriate colleges to which to apply. Tom has the ability to relate to his students in a manner that demonstrates mutual respect; he engages with them in a relaxed, yet hard-working, environment.

During their sessions, I would frequently here banter and discussion about a multitude of topics. Whether it was for tutoring or a discussion about a certain college, much was being accomplished, yet the atmosphere was informal and calm. This was important because their sessions were often after a long day of school and athletic practice, and we do not believe that Jake would have had the discipline or desire if the time with Tom had not been enjoyable. Jake learned so much about taking standardized tests like the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, and ultimately came away with great scores. He enjoyed the training, and learned many valuable strategies to bolster those scores.

Regarding college counseling, Tom was a wealth of information. He got to know Jake well, and he knew the array of schools. Together, they compiled a complete list of schools that made sense for Jake, taking into account Jake's strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Once Jake started to apply to schools, we realized that the Common App can be quite a challenge to navigate; having a knowledgeable person in our corner was priceless. This was especially true given all the application essays that Jake had to write. We would have been completely lost had Tom not gone through the process with us.

All in all, Tom was a fabulous all-around tutor and counselor for our son. We attribute Jake's success to Tom's tutoring, teaching, and coaching, and we are thrilled that we decided to work with Tom as our son's (and family's) college counselor.

Charlie and his parents, Jay and Amy

(Homestead H.S., Class of 2016)

Matriculating at Hillsdale College

Since fourth grade, our son, Charlie, has achieved superior scores on all his standardized tests, as well as received excellent grades in all his schoolwork. Thus, we determined that someday he would have the opportunity to attend a prestigious college. As his parents, we were determined to do all that we could to enhance his options. During Charlie's freshman year, we decided to contact Tom Tonnesen and CAPs to seek information regarding college choices, scholarship options, PSAT, ACT, and SAT preparation, and assistance with college application essays and recommendation letters, as needed. Tom provided us with college information and advised us on how to receive permission from our son's school for him to take the PSAT a year earlier, thus helping us to gauge his score and identify areas that could be improved to maximize his score. Tom also strategized with Charlie regarding preparing for the ACT with Writing, informing us on the best practice manuals to purchase, and what admission officers were looking for in application essays. Charlie's ACT score of 34 (99+ percentile) and the full merit scholarship he was awarded by Hillsdale College provide proof of what can happen when parents and students use all available resources, including CAPs!

Alexandra and her parents, Leanne and Jim

(Dominican H.S., Whitefish Bay, Class of 2016)

Accepted at Creighton University, Loyola University Chicago, Marquette University, and Saint Louis University

Matriculating at Loyola University Chicago

We are very pleased that we chose Tom to assist our daughter with her ACT preparation. Tom’s experience, organization, and knowledge of standardized testing helped Alexandra raise her ACT composite score by five points, which significantly increased the merit scholarships awarded to her at every school where she applied. The results were well worth the time and money invested. We highly recommend Tom Tonnesen and College Admission Pathways (CAPs)!

Lauren and her parents, Scott and Lisa

(Homestead H.S., Class of 2016)

Accepted at Butler University, University of Denver, Emory University-Honors College, Indiana University, Miami University of Ohio, and UW-Madison

Matriculating at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lauren is our oldest child and the process of applying to college loomed as a daunting task. Between where to apply, essays, and financial aid, it was initially overwhelming. Tom was a tremendous help in several different ways to help alleviate the anxiety.

In looking at Lauren’s grades, ACT scores, and interests, Tom offered recommendations on schools that we probably would not have considered. He worked with Lauren in depth on her application essays, and was a tremendous asset in crafting the appropriate message for each school. Additionally, Tom was able to explain the differences in financial aid packages and loan offers to make the decision-making process clear.

Overall, Tom was very helpful in navigating the college search and application process, and we would recommend him highly if you find yourself with a multitude of questions about how to go about researching colleges.

Allie and her parents, Jen and Bob

(Cedarburg H.S., Class of 2016)

Matriculating at Bethel University (St. Paul, MN)

Tom played an integral part of our daughter realizing her ACT goals in order to gain admittance to the college of her choice. She had excellent grades, but was not a good standardized test taker. That’s where Tom came in and provided strategies for her to use before and during the test. He did not come in with only rote learning strategies; instead, he arrived with a toolbox to overcoming the problems that our daughter was having with the test. During Tom’s sessions, he helped our daughter discover patterns in the test itself, how much time to allocate to each section, and insight into the test’s unique challenges. We really could not ask for any more from Tom. He exceeded our expectations.

Anna and her parents, Pavel and Lana

(Homestead H.S., Class of 2016)

Accepted at Boston University, George Washington University, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, UW-Madison, and Washington and Lee University

Matriculating at Washington and Lee University

Lana and Pavel: We could not be more pleased with the services provided by Tom as he assisted our daughter, Anna, with her college search. My husband and I are both college graduates from a foreign country, thus we felt a tremendous level of stress about the college admissions process in the United States. Tom was incredibly knowledgeable about the application process from start to finish. His advice on college choices, the admissions process, the editing of application essays, financial aid applications, college visits and much more was invaluable. Tom not only displayed his talents as a professional educator, but he became involved in the process on a personal level and showed care and concern for Anna’s fate as if he were a family member. Additionally, Tom was always very flexible and understanding. Anna had a very full schedule filled with athletics and other school activities, but Tom was always willing and able to squeeze in a session whenever it worked for us. We highly recommend Tom as an excellent resource for any family entering the college preparation and selection stage of their child’s education. Thank you, Tom.

Anna: Beginning the college admissions process, my choices were all over the board. Initially, Tom really helped me narrow down my options to a list ranging from safety schools to reach schools. He introduced me to schools I had never considered or heard of, including several smaller liberal arts schools including Washington and Lee, the school I will be attending. Without Tom, I probably would not have realized the myriad of benefits a smaller school can provide, including manageable class sizes and the opportunity to form closer relationships with professors. Thanks to Tom, I broadened my horizons and realized a school like this is the perfect fit for me.

Tom also helped tremendously with my college essays. He motivated me to set deadlines for each essay draft, and he ensured each piece showcased my strengths. He has extensive insight into what college admission officers are looking for in essays and the overall application, and this knowledge was extremely helpful to me throughout the writing process.

To say the least, applying to college was a stressful journey, but having someone who knows how to successfully navigate the process lifted a weight off my shoulders. Tom truly cares about all of his clients and dedicates himself to finding the perfect school for them. I definitely would recommend Tom to anyone embarking on this journey.

Chad and his parents, Mark and Karen

(University School of Milwaukee, Class of 2016)

Accepted at Colorado State University, University of Redlands, University of Colorado—Colorado Springs, and UW-Stevens Point

Matriculating at Colorado State University

Tom helped prepare our son, Chad, for the all-important ACT college entrance exam. Teacher and student worked diligently for hours—one-on-one—and it all paid off with a score estimated to be 4-to-6 points higher than what would have been expected to achieve without the extra assistance. Better still, Chad was accepted for admission at all four of the colleges to which he applied. I highly recommend Tom and College Admissions Pathways (CAPs) as a great way to get your college-bound children on track to perform at their maximum potential.

Mitch and his parents, Steve and Michele

(Homestead H.S., Class of 2016)

Accepted at Indiana University, Loyola University-Chicago, and Montana State University

Matriculating at Montana State University

Tom helped our son, Mitch, organize and prepare for the ACT in earnest. The study skills he teaches coupled with his test-taking strategies are insights that Mitch used and will retain as he moves through his college experience. Mitch is our second college-bound student to benefit from Tom’s thoughtful tutoring. Our third and last child just finished ACT prep with Tom and improved her scores with his guidance. The fees that Tom charges are more than offset by the increase in scholarship funds that our children have received as a result of improved scores. Thanks, Tom.

Nick and his parents, Jim and Terri

(Menomonee Falls H.S, Class of 2015)

Accepted at Bucknell University, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, Lehigh University, University of Vermont, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matriculating at Lehigh University

Jim and Terri: We could not be more pleased with the services provided by Tom as he assisted our son, Nick, with his college search. Both of us are college graduates from Wisconsin universities, and we initially entered the process with a very strong bias toward an in-state education. However, our son's credentials and aspirations soon made it clear that his search would need to extend outside the state. Tom was incredibly knowledgeable about the application process from start to finish. His advice on college choices, the admissions process, scholarship applications, and college visits was invaluable. Tom's dedication, passion, and conscientiousness re. Nick's search were such that you would have thought that Nick was a member of his family. Tom was instrumental in guiding all of us through the intricacies of the college search, and we are thrilled to report that Nick received a full tuition scholarship to the college of his choice. We are looking forward to working with Tom to help our daughter through the process next year!

Nick: Working with Tom was a fantastic experience from beginning to end! He was helpful in innumerable ways, and continually was both a reliable and friendly source when I needed help or clarification in the process. I would argue that one of the most important components of Tom's assistance was during the search for possible colleges. His wide knowledge of schools, programs, and scholarships proved invaluable. In fact, without Tom, I probably would have never even heard of Lehigh University, much less be attending on a full tuition scholarship this fall. Tom's helpfulness in terms of the college search was rivaled only by his proofreading prowess when editing my application essays with me. In whole, Tom's familiarity and confidence with the college admissions process from beginning to end were extremely beneficial, and I could not be happier with the outcome he helped me to achieve!

Ryan with school administrators

(Catholic Memorial H.S., Class of 2015)

Accepted at UW-Eau Claire, UW-La Crosse, and UW-Whitewater

Matriculating at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

When we first met Tom, we were convinced we made the right decision. As working parents that may not always have the luxury of time on our side, we were very happy with the way he was able to distill the college application and financial aid processes. It was clear that we would benefit from his experience and knowledge to maximize the odds of our son receiving a "yes" to his various applications. Tom quickly established a rapport with Ryan, and within a few minutes they were collaborating on the best strategies to choose his short list and receive acceptance. With Tom's guidance, Ryan was able to craft an excellent application essay that presented his strengths in a very favorable manner. Ryan wanted to attend the best medium-sized UW System university, and he was accepted at his #1 choice, UW-La Crosse. Mission accomplished. All in all, we would not hesitate to recommend Tom and CAPs to our friends.

Nicky and her parents, Tom and Judy

(Cedarburg H.S., Class of 2015)

Accepted at Emory University, Rice University, and the University of Rochester

Matriculating at Rice University

Tom was very helpful in identifying great college options for our daughter. None of us was aware of the many fine universities that were a potential fit academically, culturally, and financially. Tom's guidance and advice saved us a great deal of time and made the college search, study, and selection process much less complicated. He also helped polish Nicky's essays that are critical to the application process. We felt really good about Nicky's final school choices and are thrilled that she will be a Rice Owl beginning in late August 2015.

Kevin and his mother, Elizabeth

(Homestead H.S., Class of 2015)

Accepted at University of Denver, Santa Clara University, and Tulane University

Matriculating at Tulane University

A lot of people hire a consultant to help them with the college process since their child is intent on attending a certain school and they want to do everything they can to maximize her/his chances of acceptance. Well, that was not our case. My son did not have any idea where he wanted to go to school or what he wanted, other than the general parameters that he wanted nice weather and a "smaller" school.

There is no way that we could have made it through this process without Tom's knowledge and guidance. Not only did Tom help my son work through what he was looking for in a college (and good ways to compare colleges, etc.), but he helped educate us on the whole application and selection process. Tom's knowledge was invaluable. Maybe even more important to me was having Tom as my ally in keeping my son on track with deadlines and completing his applications and essays in a timely fashion. Tom was willing to be "in the middle" and push my son to complete his applications and essays. Tom's efforts freed me from having to be the constant nag and made the whole process more pleasurable for me and my son. I cannot thank Tom enough for his hard work and efforts in getting us to the finish line.

Jack and his parents, Eileen and Tony

(Sussex Hamilton H.S., Class of 2015)

Accepted at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matriculating at the University of Wisconsin-Madison—(Honors Program in the College of Letters and Science)

We are thrilled to endorse Tom Tonnesen as a truly skilled college consultant. He was instrumental in assisting our son in his ACT preparation. Tom's comprehensive understanding of standardized testing and strategies for successfully approaching the test was terrifically helpful and resulted in an improved score for our son. Tom also played a key role in the editing of our son's application essays and personal statements. We appreciated Tom's input and knowledge as we began the review of college options. Mr. Tonnesen is a wonderful resource and we recommend him to anyone with a child who is considering attending a four-year college or university. Thanks, Tom!!

Nicole and her parents, Allen and Debbie

(Homestead H.S., Class of 2015)

Accepted at Emory University, Louisiana State University, University of Missouri, Northwestern University, Pepperdine University, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matriculating at Southern Methodist University (SMU)

Tom was very instrumental in assisting our family throughout the entire college search and selection process. It all seemed quite overwhelming; that is until we were referred to Tom. His wealth of knowledge of the entire process was most valuable to our family. Tom listened carefully to Nicole's perception of the ideal school, asked illuminating questions, and delved into the thought process behind her criteria. Jointly they developed a list of schools; a few were on her original list, others were not. Tom's expertise and ability to effectively communicate the pros and cons of many schools helped Nicole to come up with a list of realistic options.

We were very excited to learn that all of Nicole's applications resulted in acceptances. A few were "safety" schools, but some were "reaches." We are convinced that Nicole's application essays played an important role. With the abundance of applications crossing the desks of admissions officers, your application and essay must stand out. Tom was instrumental in helping Nicole to voice her strengths in her essays to make them stand out, and indeed they did!

Nicole had excellent options from which to choose. Her final choice fell within her criteria, but was not on her original list of schools. With Tom's knowledge and expertise regarding universities and colleges around the country, he suggested SMU as one of the options. She applied and was accepted into the Hilltop Honors program, and was a recipient of the Hunt Leadership Scholarship. Needless to say, Nicole has found a great university to pursue her education and to call home, and we are all very excited. She could not be a more proud future Mustang!

By now it should be clear: we highly recommend the services that Tom and CAPs have to offer.

Alex and his parents, Nina and Sergey

(Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK H.S., Plainview, NY,
Class of 2015)

Accepted at Baylor University, University of Maryland, University of Miami, Miami University of Ohio, Ohio State University, Southern Methodist University, SUNY-Binghamton, Texas Christian University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matriculating at Texas Christian University (TCU)

Working with Tom these past two years has been an absolute pleasure. He has been immeasurably helpful in assisting me with the daunting task of college admissions. I would have to say that Tom's essay proofreading skills were arguably the best service he provided, matched only by his superb help with searching for the school that was the right "fit" for me. Tom's optimism and support truly helped make this strenuous process seem like a breeze. I would definitely recommend Tom to any college-bound high school student no matter what their situation because I am confident that Tom would help them identify the right place to continue their education. Tom's prowess in college counseling was exactly what I needed to assist me to the next big step in my life. I could not be happier with the outcome.

Dane and his parents, Mark and Sandy

(Cedarburg H.S., Class of 2015)

Accepted at Butler University, Creighton University, University of Dayton, Drake University, and Winona State University

Matriculating at Creighton University

As our oldest son was entering his senior year, we always thought that college guidance consultants were a waste of money. After all, who needs to pay someone to determine what college to attend? Boy, were we wrong! Tom helped our son navigate the admissions process for various schools, and he was accepted to all of them. After narrowing his decision down to two schools, he selected Creighton University and received a scholarship of $18,000 per year. The advice that Tom gave us and our son regarding all aspects of selecting a college was extremely valuable.

Anna and her parents, Sam and Margo

(Shorewood H.S., Class of 2015)

Accepted at Boston University, Fordham University, George Washington University, University of Michigan, Ohio State University, University of Southern California, University of Washington, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matriculating at Boston University

We were referred to Tom by another family in Shorewood and he quickly lived up to his billing. From the outset, Tom's experience with and knowledge of the application process were evident. He provided key help to Anna sorting through the many choices for essay prompts, and helped her focus on those that would help her stand out from the crowd. Then, he worked closely with her on the essays themselves, providing editing guidance and suggestions to refine and polish the essays to great effect. His practical knowledge of the admissions office mindset was invaluable, and his insights into the process helped Anna work through her applications and demystify the process for all of us. He also provided important guidance in working with the financial aid offices after the admission decisions had arrived. All in all, we highly recommend Tom as an expert college admissions advisor.

Father of a Student at University School of Milwaukee
(Class of 2015)

Accepted at the University of Colorado Boulder, University of Denver, Miami University of Ohio, University of Miami, University of Vermont, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matriculating at the University of Colorado Boulder

I am not sure how we originally found Tom and CAPs, but he was a godsend. I have five children, but of all of them, our last son was the most confused, bewildered, overwhelmed and, frankly, the most nervous about the entire college selection, admission, and test preparation process. Previously, we had used two other "outside college guidance professionals," but Tom was, in my opinion, the very best. His personality was adaptable, patient, and resilient. Tom and our son did not hit it off right away, as we all know that seventeen-year-olds are the smartest people on earth and seem to know everything. However, within a couple of meetings, our son was scheduling his own appointments with Tom and was quickly organized on a well-defined path for ACT preparation and the overall college selection process. Originally, our son had no idea where he might want to go, or for that matter what he might study. Fortunately, he was a very good student and under Tom's thoughtful guidance, and power of suggestion, things began to fall into place. After being accepted at virtually all of the schools where he applied, our son chose the University of Colorado Boulder, where he will engage in studying the sciences, math, engineering, and related academic pursuits. Thank you, Tom!

Caroline and Camille and their parents,
Richard and Louisa

(Divine Savior Holy Angels H.S., Class of 2015)

Caroline: Accepted at the University of Alabama, High Point University, Indiana University, University of Mississippi, and University of St. Thomas

Matriculating at Indiana University

Camille: Accepted at the University of Denver, Elon University, Fairfield University, Fordham University, Miami University of Ohio, University of South Carolina, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matriculating at the University of South Carolina

Tom successfully steered our family through the college search process. Not only did he tutor our three daughters for the ACT, but helped us to navigate the confusing maze of financial aid applications (FAFSA and the CSS Profile). Tom's approach to ACT preparation is methodical and well-researched. It is very evident that he knows this test inside and out, and assists students in mastering the strategies to score their very best. We highly recommend his services. Thanks, Tom!

Meggi and her parents, Lowell and Trudy

(Homestead H.S., Class of 2015)

Accepted at DePaul University and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Matriculating at DePaul University

Mr. Tonnesen served as a vital resource throughout my college application process. He and I worked together on researching potential schools, writing amazing college essays, rigorously preparing for the ACT, and everything in-between. Not only did my ACT composite score rise three (3) full points, but I also discovered my "perfect fit" university, applied, and was accepted. After working with Mr. Tonnesen, I am more confident with standardized testing of all kinds, as I utilize his tips and strategies regularly in my high school classrooms. I appreciate his dedication and passion for his role and those he mentors. Thank you!

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